Azure Cloud hosting

Cloud Solutions By Microsoft Azure Experts

Every business is different and so should any Cloud solution be different. Enjoy a professional custom tailored solution for your business. Our experts can migrate your current on-premise infrastructure into CLOUD.

We only use Microsoft Azure, a leader in cloud technology for our Cloud Solutions, therefore we are the Azure specialists in the Montreal and Laval area.

Contact us and see for yourself.


Azure VMs

Move your server room into a Microsoft hosted solution in the CLOUD. No more upgrading of those old servers.

Azure Security

Security is complex. Microsoft Azure has industry leading security backed by Sentinel AI to defend against evolving threats.

On-Demand Power

The Microsoft Azure environment can be configured to provide more power to your applications and users without any intervention.

Professional Solutions by Azure architects

Planning the correct infrastructure is key when designing any Microsoft Azure solution. Don't settle for any private hosting by companies imitating Microsoft. Those solutions are not at all similar to the power provided by Microsoft.

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is an aggressive tactic that works from the premise of the “assumption of the breach;” that attackers are already inside an organization’s network and are covertly….

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Incident Response

Responding to a security incident requires experts who know how to identify and mitigate an immediate threat, investigate underlying vulnerabilities…

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Secure Managed IT

As a leading IT service provider, GCI offers a comprehensive suite of services that can be tailored to fit your business needs. We monitor your network…

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Whether you are required to meet CIS, ISO, SOC, or other industry or government regulations, limited internal IT resources, time, and expertise can make it….

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Cyber Security

Looking to take your business’s cyber security up a notch? GCI cyber security experts are ready to protect your company. We know how important it…..

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Disaster Planning

Many businesses rely heavily on their IT networks, but many do not take adequate steps to safeguard them. System crashes, data corruption and a many….

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